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New Opportunites For You

Whether you are into IT or Telecom or any other Industry, we at Tech Manos build a team of experts to help your company in exploring new geographies & new industries for your products.

Channel Partner or Resellers are an essential and viable component of any sales strategy. It's not practical to reach a global market from a centralized business structure nor is it often prudent business practice to open offices all over the world (to say nothing of the investment cost). Tech Manos associate with clients as a channel partner to help them reach territories they would not otherwise have any competent access to.

For many small and medium-sized reseller businesses, expanding the line of business takes time and money, and it's important to know both the up-front capital expenses and ongoing costs so that you can calculate your return on investment (ROI). We as a reseller market your products in our regions, take you to key customers, provide at least informal product support, coach you on roadmap issues and more.

Hybrid Model For Best Results

In this model the team first generate a qualified lead & pass on to the sales team for further process. We create a passage for the sales team to enter into the inner circle of prospect company decision makers resulting in reducing the sales cycle. The objective of the IS team is to make sure that the prospect gets enticed to close the deal for the products/services of our client.
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Philosophy Behind This

Our philosophy for being the channel partner is “to work and collaborate on a win-win basis.” By working closely with our clients as channel partners, we believe we can jointly achieve more. By combining key strengths in a partnership, we form a joint platform to succeed in today’s challenging market and to address new market opportunities. Together we are powered. For successful channel partnership and support throughout the process of sales, we make sure that our team is well acquaintance with the products of our clients so that the business of

Advantages of using Tech Manos as Channel Partner:

  • Efficiently and cost effectively increase your customer base and expand your growth potential.
  • Generate new revenue streams by differentiating your current offerings.
  • Quick and easy way to expand your business to new territories locally, nationally and even internationally
  • Increase brand awareness through Tech Manos.
  • Open the door to new vertical markets which may otherwise be inaccessible or require significant marketing investment to enter.
  • Benefit from an army of additional sales staff without the hassle of employment contracts and office space.
  • Low upfront cost for a sales channel

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