Investment Advisory

investment advisory services

Clear strategy & customized

We can help create a clear strategy & customized our array of services for you. We believe in 360° growth of not only self but also the company who gets associated with us. This growth comprises of the financial & business growth altogether.

Tech Manos understand the value of your time and the opportunities it holds for you. Your personal financial investment needs & the formalities to complete those needs might get overlooked. To give our clients the space to value their precious time.

The service offers research–based advice to optimize returns on your investment portfolio across a range of financial instruments, keeping in line with your profile and investment objectives. Your existing portfolio is analyzed to advise you on rebalancing to obtain an optimum asset mix. Here, a dedicated advisor regularly guides you through the evolution of new market opportunities to evaluate and restructure your existing investment portfolio.

The investment portfolio includes Mutual Funds, Shares, Bonds, NCD’s/CD’s, New Pension Scheme, etc.

Customised Investment Advisory

We are offering a customised Investment Advisory Service for your existing portfolios and regular investable surpluses.

investment advisory services

Orchestrated Process

The advice we give is as unique as you are. It is based purely on your appetite for risk, time horizons, and the need for liquidity. So at the very inception, we work intensively towards understanding you. Your requirements and profile are agreed upon and then documented through a consultative process. We take cognizance of the fact that your profile is likely to change with time, and hence we follow this process on a continual basis.

We will be preparing a simple questionnaire based on our first level of discussion. This will be helping our advisor to understand & advise you in a better way.

Easy and Fast

Portfolio analysis and financial planning

A lot of emphasis is laid on the current financial status & the mechanics of portfolio allocation, as we believe that this is the basic tenet of portfolio optimisation. This involves understating your investment motive & deciding upon your asset allocation. We analyse your existing portfolio allocation and recommend changes in line with current opportunities, your profile and cash flows.

Easy and Fast

Giving advice across asset categories

We offer research-based advice across asset categories like mutual funds, equity and its derivatives, insurance and more. Hence, our service is a one-stop-shop for your entire portfolio needs saving valuable time. A comprehensive investment plan is drawn out to meet your long and short- term financial goals across multiple investment categories.

Easy and Fast

Providing a dedicated investment advisor

For you, time is priceless, which is why a trained personal advisor is assigned to you as a one-point contact, guiding you and attending to all your investment related needs. The advisor on an ongoing basis helps you restructure and monitor your portfolio as well as provides procedural assistance, both through online and offline modes.

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