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B2B Business Procedures

The continuous process of generating and upgrading databases has resulted in a ready-to-use profiled database of more than 100,000,00 companies globally (includes listed, ET 500 and BT 500/1000 companies) in a systematic way. The huge database includes the profiles of C-level Executives & Key Decision-makers of various functions.

Tech Manos expert team is experienced in researching, extracting & maintaining custom databases of locations from all over the world. From developing simple databases to the largest and most complex databases, our team has experience meeting the unique database needs and requirements of your organization. We prepare a custom database for any size business tailored to your specific needs.

As a leading provider of database generation and management services across various Industries, Tech Manos has helped clients in acquiring and maintaining critical & big databases across verticals & sub-verticals. We generate, validate and update databases on our own or as per the requirements of our clients.

The B2B business procedures are more time-consuming and are dependent on the various professionals of the company so that better decisions are made and the business is able to generate effective and profitable business opportunities. Before entering into any collaboration with any company, the business has to justify its profits, its revenues, the benefits that may be acquired by dealing with those companies, and much more. The B2B marketing procedures involve huge investments and assessing the reputation of the company and deciding upon the profits before entering into any business deals. The seller companies also have to work upon developing a quality B2B database into the business regarding the various buyers and the companies who can become prominent leads for the business.

Today's Approach - Different Marketing For Different Industries

Proper assessment of what target markets are to be focused on and what companies can become good buyers for the business can provide real benefits. Assessment of the buyer persona and accordingly deciding upon the marketing campaigns along with a planned strategy can help the business acquire more success in the B2B strategies, and acquisition of quality B2B leads into the sales funnel.

Work of Data Production

The information regarding the various leads is collected through various sources such as acquiring the information from reports, journals, events, lead magnets and many other tools and techniques used by the professionals. The information collected has to be assessed and standardized according to the business set protocols and accordingly, the business can work upon different marketing procedures. The work of data production has to be done systematically and according to the business set standards to provide easy retrieval to the various departments. Acquiring quality and detailed information helps the business understand what kinds of leads are the best fit for the business requirements and can become potential customers for the business in the long run.

Having a direct approach to the qualified leads can help the business acquire better communication along with a relationship of trust and loyalty and acquiring a better brand position in the market. Working upon a planned strategy and effective targeted approach can help the business acquire the required success in the marketing procedures. It also becomes easier for the business to work upon effective executive mapping as acquiring the information regarding the C-level executives reduces the sales cycle for the business and develops direct communication with the decision-makers of the various companies.

Effective data production & quality B2B data information into the business according to the various & multilevel requirements.


We believe to provide desired revenue and the expected returns on investments with a quality database.

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Quality B2B data, standardizing the raw data collected from different sources according to the business standards.

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We have a professional & experienced team of experts who can deal with the various data-related jobs with expertise and ensure accuracy.

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