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 Have an open mind - allow different ideas into your way of thinking.
Tech Manos - Share your ideas

What is an idea?

Most people have had a lot of ideas and a lot of times what seem to be original ideas, are actually not, or are they? So what constitutes an original idea? And are mine original when infact someone else has thought of it before me? Someone, once said to me, that every idea is taken and most probably they have already started work on it....seems like it’s true... is this a case of great minds think alike or at some subconscious level we are all copy-cats?

A successful company always starts with a compelling business idea. It’s the first milestone in the process of founding a growth company. The characteristics of a promising business idea are:

  • Fulfills a customer need – a problem is solved
  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Clear focus
  • Profitable in the long term

  • What defines a convincing business idea?

  • Customer benefit
  • Does it solve a problem?
  • Will people pay for it?
  • What are you good at?
  • What's your price point?
  • Is there a sizable niche market for it?

  • Why You Should Share Your Ideas?

  • It helps you grow
  • Great ideas need oxygen
  • Market Feedback
  • Diversity Innovates
  • Recognition
  • Get top talent access

  • How we will execute the things?

    Firstly we will ask you to share your unique idea with us. Then our team will evaluate the feasibility & practical aspects of executing the idea. Post that will discuss further process & steps.

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