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IP is becoming more global and complex, putting increasing demands on your time and resources. That’s why the world’s leading decision makers rely on Tech Manos for strategic patent and trademark support.

An IP portfolio is a valuable and often overlooked asset. Valuation unlocks the door to a world of commercial possibilities. Defining and protecting your innovation and creativity is increasingly difficult and complex. Internet marketing and sophisticated counterfeiting operations are expanding risks and opportunities for IP holders, and inefficiencies in the international patent system are leading many to clamor for change. We understand new challenges in IP protection and can provide unique and global solutions. We see IP management as a strategic issue and have developed people, processes and technologies to promote sound and cost-effective stewardship of ithe intellectual property.

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Tech Manos caters to a global clientele that includes law firms, in-house IP counsel, IP licensing and management companies, investors, startups, individual inventors, technology companies and academic institutes.

IP services

How we can help?

Patent Search Services

With expertise, Tech Manos provides you with comprehensive search results from the industry’s leading patent and non-patent sources, enabling you to better determine your market position.

Patent Analytics Services

Spans a range of intelligence resources designed to lighten your research burden and help you manage the challenges in your competitive environment. If you don't have the necessary resources to conduct advanced IP research, we can help.

Patent Preparation & Prosecution Services

Save time and money by outsourcing patent preparation and prosecution to a trusted partner to ensure you have the accurate, consistent technical expertise and the fast turnaround you need to build and protect your patent portfolio.

Brand Protection

Providing support to identify, address, and reduce piracy and to otherwise protect intellectual property and brand integrity.

Fraud Prevention

We provide manual review and customer verification services and developing risk management strategies for future protection.

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